Rock Show!継Show! - Repo!

~木田達実 + 永沼忠明~

【1st set】
Two Of Us
It Won't Be Long
All My Loving
P.S.I Love You
All I've Got To Do
I'll Follow The Sun
Every Little Thing
And I Love Her
Please Please Me

【2nd set】
Maybe I'm Amazed (McCartney: Paul McCartney, Wings)
The Fool On The Hill
Not A Second Time
You Won't See Me
Get Back
You Can't Do That
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
Any Time At All
She Loves You

【3rd set】
Figuer Of Eight (Flowers In The Dirt: Paul McCartney)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Can't Buy Me Love
A Day In The Life
Hey Jude

I Saw Her Standing There

Live Report?!

'Look!! He just like a JULIE~!!!!!'
a friend of mine Ms.K No.3. She request a JULIE's song(I am Amazed!)
Of course( kazumasa Oda ?!) So>>>>>>>>>>
I request 'Maybe I am Amazed'
Mr.Tadaaki ,Your voice was very beautiful~.
Thank you for the "Wonderful (To)night"

After the LIVE ,We attend a meeting=NOMI
KAI!with Junior high scool friends and mickychan.We had a FUN time. We're talking about my bad?!(me?),erotic?!(Ms.K No.2)beautiful?!(Ms.So)and "sweet!?(Ms.K No.1) memories".
We're back to the PAST!?
          From Gina.


では 10月にね~。しーやぁ。


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